About the Vyater Group

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Founded in 2009 by Mr. Vyater, The Vyater Group is a privately held creative agency based in the bustling Brighton Beach area of Brooklyn. The agency provides the clients with  a full service of  integrated creative and marketing strategy, graphic production, online business development and support. The company is interested in not only the well-established clients’ need of increasing and enhancing their lifetime value and business goals but also in helping the start-up businesses increase brand awareness as well as marketing strategy. By doing so, the Vyater Group doesn’t not limit itself on the spectrum as the client list shows a wide range of different accounts ranging from start-ups to Fortune 500, and from beauty and fashion retail to financial corporations.


Being a part of the creative team at the Vyater Group helped me thoroughly understand their vision. ” No project is too small and no turn around time is too short “- that philosophy of the founder, Mr. Vyater, guides the creative team through a variety of projects and accounts with only one focus: achieving the clients’ objectives within their time and budget constraints. That flexibility makes the business fit in the current economic environment. Next to me, a guy was doing a business card for a start-up camera service while right behind me, another designer was working on a billboard that would be placed in Times Square.

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