My Role as an Intern

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Finding an internship taught me things that I might not get to learn in a classroom. One of them was the importance of seeking out and cultivating relationships in the business world. Although landing an interview in this profession still requires a strong portfolio, connections and networking become more powerful tools than ever. As in my case, with the referral of Professor Davis, who is one of the most influential person in my creative profession, I got to know that the Vyater Group was looking for interns this summer.

Shortly after I emailed my resume and online portfolio to Lenny, the founder and Creative Director of VG agency, I landed an in-person interview with him on the next day. During the interview, I got a chance to introduce myself as a designer by going through my works and skills. Having prepared for the interview questions didn’t keep me from being nervous. However, I managed to hold the conversation pretty well since most of the questions were about my favorite works and how comfortable I am with each of the design applications. Besides the questions , Lenny also gave me an overview of the company and the creative team which I would be a part of. A week later, my experience really started as Lenny offered me the internship position after combing through some other applicants.

Source: Internet

Being part of the production team at the Vyater Group means keeping up with the fast-paced environment while producing the best quality solutions. My job as a design intern was to support both the creative and production process. Whether it was a new project that needed everything from concept to creation or  sometimes making edits to finalized art before it went to press. Beside coming up with the idea and finalizing the projects, also my job was to establish a good communication with the clients regarding feedback and comments to ensure the final results fulfill their requirements. I was also expected to work hand in hand and support other creative team members on image search and photo editing. No matter what assignment and area of the process that I got involved, expressing the best effort in every details of the job was always a priority.


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