Meet My Mentor

The best part of my summer internship experience? Collaborating with a talented, creative, and innovative professional: my always inspiring (and never dull) supervisor.

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When I first arrived at the Vyater Agency, I was so nervous and didn’t know what to expect. All I know about Lenny is that he’s a friend of Professor Davis. But after I met him, I couldn’t have felt more interested in being his intern. My first impression about Lenny was a laid- back and friendly person who is passionate about what he is doing. He has taken time to walk me through my learning process from the beginning to the end and made sure I get the most out of this experience. Through his assignments and feedback, I’ve increased my design skills and learned to be more attentive and creative in perfecting my craft. As a marketing strategist, he also showed me how to get multiple perspectives of how to get an outcome and be more efficient. His professional and technical experience as well as the knowledge and skills from years of education and working in the industry make him a perfect role model for me to look up to.

Working with Lenny never feels stressful. To him, it’s important to not only be creative and productive but also to have fun and be collaborative. An inspiring boss, a supportive team player and a good friend, that’s everything you ever wanted from your mentor.


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