Maureen Neuringer | COMD 3711 | Section D030

10 Discussion

Each week you will need to respond to two questions posted. Your response should be a minimum of 150 words for both questions. You should also include at least one response to your fellow students. The responses are a requirement for participation part of your grade.

Question 01 –

What things would you consider when creating a split grid poster in Illustrator?


  1. Vivian

    Split grid posters are a versatile medium that can be found in advertising, marketing, and campaigns. As the name of the style implies, the designer should consider the grid system and the units of measurements that they would be employing. This means determining the canvas size, number of columns, their widths, and the spacing between them (if any), resulting in a solid foundation for the designer’s work. Depending on whether or not the designer would be using repeatable content, the designer might also want to consider how many sets of designs they will be creating to fill out the poster. Will each square within the grid be filled with a unique design? Or is it a 7×7 inch grid that will have 5 different designs in a brick by row tile type with ½ brick offset? The designer would also have to consider how each each design within each square complements one another and how they would look together as a complete poster.

  2. HarryChen

    Question 01 –

    What things would you consider when creating a split grid poster in Illustrator?

    When creating a split grid poster, I would consider the structure and layout of my grid to create the foundation for my poster. I would then start thinking about what shapes and patterns to use for each individual square to make sure the design flows and compliments each other. I will also consider my color palette, ensuring the elements and colors blend well together while having some contrast to create a well-balanced design.

  3. Xiangyong zeng

    When creating a split grid poster in Adobe Illustrator there are a number of considerations that I take into account, such as color and how the pattern achieves a balanced composition, as well as the whitespace to avoid overcrowding and to enhance the readability of the poster, and I also need to take into account the way in which I use all of this to express what I’m trying to create.

  4. Jacqueline Hernandez

    The things I would consider when creating a split grid poster in Illustrator is understanding what you’re creating and how it should be done. Such as shapes, color, typography, and placement with sticking to the design you’re creating. How to make the grid a rectangle size and add a grid to it by going to Object>Path>Split to Grid. You can add the number of rows, height, gutter, and total. Columns would be the same as how many with number, width, gutter, and total for the grid. You can always check the preview button to see how the grid looks once it’s satisfied with your liking then you can click ok and start designing.

  5. Tiffany Weintraub

    Grids gives us structure in our layouts, and help us contain our elements and keep them aligned. When creating my poster I will keep in mind elements of design. I will think of the spacing of my elements, the color palette I will be using, and the colors I choose will work well together. The first poster I created was way too busy. I narrowed down my elements and got rid of some stuff I probably didn’t need. Reusing some of my elements, and colors will create consistency and balance in my poster, which also makes it more pleasing to our eyes. I will be using a dark blue and some white for contrast. Making sure we are aligned like we did with our triangles will ensure there is no weird, non-colored elements lurking in our posters. It takes time but making sure everything is aligned will make your design look more appealing. Nobody likes to look at sloppy artwork. If you have the time, line up your elements.

  6. Emmanuel Agyare-Poku

    What things would you consider when creating a split grid poster in Illustrator?

    When creating a split grid poster in Illustrator, it’s crucial to carefully consider various aspects to ensure the effectiveness and visual appeal of your design. Begin by deliberating on the structure of your grid layout, as this serves as the foundation for your project. By doing so, you gain a clearer understanding of the overall composition and how elements will interact within the space.Additionally, pay close attention to the alignment of your elements. Strategic alignment not only helps guide viewers’ eyes across the poster but also aids in effectively communicating key information and maintaining a sense of organization. Thoughtfully selecting a readable font is paramount for ensuring that your message is conveyed clearly and comprehensively.Moreover, don’t overlook the significance of aesthetics. Deliberate choices regarding colors, fonts, and overall layout can significantly enhance the visual impact of your work. Opt for harmonious color schemes and visually engaging typography to captivate your audience’s attention.Lastly, strive for consistency throughout your design. Maintaining uniformity in typefaces, color palettes, spacing, and alignment across the entirety of your project fosters coherence and reinforces effective communication with your audience. By adhering to these principles, you can create a split grid poster that not only captures attention but also effectively conveys your intended message.

    • Xiangyong zeng

      I think it’s vital when creating split grid posters in Illustrator to carefully consider all aspects to ensure the design is effective and visually appealing. Doing so gives you a clearer understanding of the overall composition and how the elements interact within the space.

  7. Sebastian Chapman

    Question 01 –

    What things would you consider when creating a split grid poster in Illustrator?

    When creating a split grid poster, I would take into consideration the specs of the final deliverable. I would create a rectangle of the same size and then use the object>path>split into grid to equally split my rectangle into any given number of smaller components. From here I would either work in each square individually or use the divisions like a grid. I may also create guides when splitting the object into a grid so that it becomes easier to layer components on top and have them align with the gird under. For the pattern assignment, for example, I used the divided rectangle as a grid to create an interwoven part of my pattern which I then scaled down and placed into the smaller cubes to create an intricate pattern. I will definitely use this technique in the future.

    • Vivian

      Hi Sebastian,

      This is a good point to make. Considering the specs of the final deliverable during the initial stages of design is essential for ensuring efficiency and accuracy especially in a professional environment. By creating a rectangle of the same size and utilizing the split into grid function, precise alignment and organization can be achieved.

  8. Romual Germain

    Question 1

    What things would you consider when creating a split grid poster in Illustrator?

    Some things you could consider while designing and creating a split grid poster in illustrator is asking yourself how you want the layout of your grid to be structured. With doing so you get a better understanding of what your project would look like and get a better sense of how the elements would flow. You could also consider the alignment of your elements in which you could guide viewers and communicate effectively on the most important details and give a sense of organization to achieve this. Selecting a readable font would also help you communicate effectively and considering aesthetically pleasing colors,font, and layout would enhance your work visually. And lastly, considering being consistent with the type, colors, spacing and the alignment throughout your entire project helps even further with effective communication to your viewers.

    • Melissa

      Hi Romual! I agree with you, considering how to structure the layout is the first step to achieving clarity and flow. Also, selecting readable fonts and appealing colors plays a significant role in enhancing the design.

  9. Melissa

    Question 01 –

    What things would you consider when creating a split grid poster in Illustrator?

    When designing a split grid poster in Illustrator, I would start by understanding its purpose and message, as it will determine all other design choices. The grid layout helps organize content neatly, ensuring there’s a logical flow. Also, make sure to place elements carefully within the grid sections since it maintains balance and emphasizes important elements. Using whitespace makes the poster easier to read and highlights key points. Consistency in every detail (colors, fonts, imagery) ties everything together.