Maureen Neuringer | COMD 1162 - Section OL52 | Spring 2022

08 Discussion

Each week you will need to respond to two questions posted. Your response should be a minimum of 150 words for both questions. You should also include at least one response to your fellow students. The responses are a requirement for participation part of your grade.

Question 01 –

Describe three items you have learned doing this Midterm Project.

Question 02 –

How will you remember what you have learned?


  1. Jonathan Rodriguez

    1.One thing I learned from the midterm is organization of all things inside of the program like layers, swatches, etc. Having a very messy workspace can lead to confusion and harder to start from where you’ve left off. Another thing I’ve learned is how to embed links correctly into the file your using. Doing this can be necessary when your sending a file with a picture you have downloaded but the client doesn’t. This way the file comes with the link to the image. I’ve also learned to adjust the pen tool to whatever my needs because this tool can be a little tricky at first but real easy once you’ve adjusted to it.
    2.One of the things I do to remember is keeping notes on things that are new or things I know I need to have written to check on later. Another thing I do is whenever I have spare time to work on something personal, I edit something using the same tools or programs we have used in class to keep them in my head. If I don’t I will definitely forget them.

  2. Ziqi Lin

    1. Describe three items you have learned doing this Midterm Project.
    I learned that I can make a metal gradient which helped me in my Midterm Project. I also learned about outer glow and learning how much layers can help keep organized.

    2. How will you remember what you have learned?
    I take notes and the more I keep practicing the more I will remember and understand how to do it better. I feel like I improved with the pen tool a lot when working on the midterm project.

    • Jonathan Rodriguez

      I agree that keeping layers organized for each of your files is a very important thing to do.

  3. Bonnie yang

    Question 01 –Describe three items you have learned doing this Midterm Project.
    I learned how to apply outer glow to a selected object in Illustrator. I also learned how to use the freeform gradient and how to embed the images.

    Question 02 –How will you remember what you have learned?
    To remember what I have learned I usually write it down in my notebook and practice it as well.

  4. Garry Pelzer Jr

    Question 01
    Describe three items you have learned doing this Midterm Project

    While progressing with my midterm project, I really learned more of the pen tool. At first I struggled trying to get the accurate arcs of shapes and endpoints. Using the pen tool to complete this assignment allowed me to be more hands on with it and take things a step further. This along with the swatch panels and specific measurements of strokes.

    Question 02 –
    How will you remember what you have learned?

    Practice makes perfect. Continuously practicing each technique used during class sessions and homework’s will help in the long run. Patients is also apart of this great process as well but staying hands on with something will definitely make you better

    • Ziqi Lin

      I agree, having the patient and motivation can help us keep improving.

  5. Darcy Castro

    1) One of the things I honestly learned is patience, because without patience you aren’t able to do the little small details that make your project come alive. 2) I learned that you can always create multiple layers to work on top of what you want to draw on top of your layer so that you won’t mess up on what you are working on. 3) I also learned how amazing the pen tool is and how convenient is it to make sure your lines are curved nice and it helps with filling in the path you are making as well instead of having to manually fill it in afterwords.

    2) In order for me to remember these things, I would have to continually practice until I feel confident in the skills I was taught during class.

    • Bonnie yang

      I agree practice is extremely important to hone a skill and to remember what has been taught.

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