Project Deliverables

Overall Objective:

  • A 10-15 minute narrative movie
  • A 1 min. intro and 1-2min. Outro
  • A 20-27 page script (We will shorten during Post)
  • Draft and final proposal.
  • Storyboard
  • Shot List
  • Props and costume
  • Shooting schedule and calendar
  • Schedule for certain effects to be done by

Natasha’s Responsibilities:

  • Motion Graphics Director
  • Create the graphics for the intro and outro of the film
  • Create special effects and transitions throughout the movie during post-production
  • Story Revisions but not the script writer
  • Camera operator
  • Provided a location
  • Provided the Panasonic Lumix G85 camera

Margarita’s Responsibilities:

  • Head Video Editor
  • Create Storyboard
  • Camera Operator
  • Lighting Technician
  • Gaffer
  • Co-director

Brandon’s Responsibilities:

  • Director
  • Visionary and provided the concept of the story
  • Camera Operator
  • Provided equipment from different sources:
    • Lights
    • Sound equipment
    • Cameras: Canon EOS Rebel T6i  and Canon EOS Rebel T5i
  • Story Revisions but not the script writer
  • Shot list
  • Syncing Video footage and Audio

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