Conclusion Highlights

Throughout all four problems I had to work on with my classmates, I learned something different with each one. For the Peanut Butter and Jelly problem I had a clearer idea that in real world situation, lots of miscommunication can occur when instructions are not clear. We should create documents or drawings in mind that others will look over it and must be able to read and understand it. In addition, to always be prepared for any outcome or extra work, in case someone is unable to follow through.

For the second problem, Deck Plan, I learned that I need to think about all the possibilities that can be done to approach a problem and think about how much time it will take to build whatever platform, flat, stair, chair, and etc. that need to be built for the performance. It’s good to take the time to think over the possibilities. Also,  I learned to use the experience I have had in order to help me make better choices in who should be building, who have the experience to do a certain job, and who needs the experience to do a certain job. In the real world, as well as in school, not everyone is at the same level of skill and knowledge and sometimes there are people who know so much and other times there are people who have no idea what to do even if you have shown them already.

For problem 3, Flats,  as a group we learned that we should offset seams for stability in flat construction. We also learned that labeling is important because paperwork can be misunderstood if the labels are not the same. It could make the viewer become confused about what they are looking over.

For problem 4, F2M, I learned that there may always be a cheaper substitute or solutions to build and material. Through working on the labor hours, I learned about time management and managing a work schedule. I never thought I would have to think so much about how many hours someone should have and how much the labor would be. This experience helps me with other projects in other classes as well. Like my Introduction to Video and Film class, I was able to schedule days to plan to add effects on my video, adjust the clips, add sound, and etc. It’s all a great experience.

Growth Never Stops, I Shouldn't Either