About Me

In the Entertainment Industry, there’s constant change. Growing as a young adult, I’ve noticed how important it is to understand how the world is changing and along with that technology progresses. Our “normal” way of living, changes with the times; so do techniques, work content, and what our viewers like or find trendy. There will always be new technology invented, new programs to learn, new softwares to understand, and different and better ways of living life. If life and work is constant change, I realized I must adapt better to change. I learned I must embrace it with full impact, allow for change in my work, my techniques, and to let success seep through my failures and critiques.

I hope that as you explore through my ePortfolio, you will see the change and progression in my work from school projects to work environments. Each experience has helped me develop a better understanding of how to work in teams, manage time wisely, grow in my communication and organizational skills, and to become a better leader.

Learning never stops for me, so I’m ready to soak up more knowledge, perspectives, and do my best to deliver well! This is why I say, “Growth Never Stops, I Shouldn’t Either.”


Growth Never Stops, I Shouldn't Either