First, we will be shooting during the winter break that way we have more time for post-production to time manage once the Spring 2018-2019 semester starts. We have actors and locations in mind to film. We will be shooting with a resolution of 1920×1080, frame rate of 24 fps (frames per second) with a Canon EOS Rebel T6i, Canon EOS Rebel T5i, and 60 fps with a Panasonic Lumix G85. 24 fps is the standard frame rate to shoot in and 60 fps is great for shooting in slow motion because the project file and the sequence in Avid Media Composer will be set to 24 frames. Therefore, if we add a video footage of 60fps, then the extra frames will slow down the footage making it slow motion. The footage from each camera will be stored and transferred from SD cards onto multiple external hard drives. The audio will be uploaded into Avid separately and as Assistant Editor, I will sync up the audio with the footage.

For the Motion Graphics , which is my main focus in this project, will be done in After Effects and Adobe Photoshop. First, for the Intro, I will schedule a day to take photos of the main actors of “Another Day. Another Murder”. With the photos taken, I will bring them into Adobe Photoshop and create Double Exposures of the characters. A Double Exposure is combining and revealing two or more photos and/or videos together within a silhouette. Katie Fritz, the wife of the deceased, will be represented with money superimposed on her head and expensive perfumes on her back. Dave 1, one of the lead Detectives on the case, will be represented with  a statue of an angel. Dave 2, the other lead Detective on the case, will be represented with a silhouette of city buildings. For the photo of the Hitman, the audience will only be able to see his eyes. Then it his face half of his face will transform into a wolf. I have chosen to do a wolf because the Hitman’s name is Vincent Coll, and based on history, his nickname was “Mad Dog.” The canine species descend from wolves.

Once I have created the double exposure within Photoshop, I save the files as .png and import them into After Effects. Within After Effects, I am able to animate the photos by using a puppet tool that allows you to apply movement to a 2D image. I will also create a background with a snow falling effect and animate each Double Exposed photo with a different effect. The final product should be posted on Vimeo.

For the Outro, I will use the same background I created for the intro and reveal the names of the actors, director, producer, etc. As the names are popping out, different scenes from the movie will be shown kind of like an overview of what was just watched. Followed by the proper movie end credits.

For the Sherlock Holmes transitions, I will create creative ways to transition from one scene to another through imposition or by simply using the rotobrush tool in After Effects.

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