Problem 3: Flats

The problem definition for my group was to come up with the easiest build design for the students to work in the shop.

We worked on building the curved flats and realized that the 1/4″ lauan sheets were better at bending along the grain.  We used 1/4″ Lauan for the paint surface of the flat and  used 1×6 Pine lumber to rip it down to 1×3 for the framing.  We joined the flats together with bolts and used Jacks and Hogstroffs to stiffen the flats in order to prevent it from shaking when the doors are slammed. We also added some framing to catch the molding.

We built a prototype of crown molding with 3/4″ plywood sheets and 1/4″ MDF sheet, but since it was so heavy we decided to make the actual crown molding in foam. The same goes for the curve molding. We planned on attaching the molding by screwing it in from the back of the flats.

IMG_5733 (1) IMG_5734 (1) IMG_5730 (1) IMG_5731 IMG_5732

As a group we learned that we should offset seams for stability in flat construction. We also learned that labeling is important because each of us had our own way of labeling and did not realize our labels were slightly different from one another. Which leads to constant communication to be important.

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