Client Work & Relationship

One of my responsibilities at my internship is handling revisions from my supervisor and the clients. Working with clients is entirely new to me thus, since starting with the company, I’ve gotten to learn about the process. For instance, MATTE has been working on a video series with Google since the beginning of the year consisting of interviews with multiple people of different backgrounds. This has become one of my biggest priorities for the past few weeks since given the opportunity to contribute a small part into the project. Nevertheless, I’ve learned that the post-production team does not have direct contact with the client. Rather, the senior account manager holds this responsibility, collecting files from them (such as photos, logos, and title/end cards ) to be sent to my department. 

On that note, I have also learned that there will be situations where we have to work with what we have. While I was assigned to edit a rough cut for Google, my supervisor and I quickly realized that the audio file of the interview was of poor quality. There were a couple of times while listening to it back where I was not able to make out some of the interviewee’s responses. Especially compared to the other videos, there was a clear inconsistency in quality. However, standards cannot always be met so we would have to settle. After informing the senior account manager, she later confirmed from the client that the interview could not be re-recorded. That being said, I went ahead and continued making the rough cut to be reviewed regardless.