Self Evaluation

If I were to self-evaluate my performance, I would consider myself to be a dedicated hard worker to my team (and the company). For one, I ensure to maintain consistent communication with my supervisor. Especially since she is only a Slack message or a few steps away from where I sit, I regularly report my progress on projects, ask her any questions I may have, or, if I’m having trouble with a particular task, I wouldn’t hesitate to call her over for help. As a newcomer to this industry, I try to learn as much wherever I can, adjusting to the work environment, trying to get myself acquainted with the other employees, and sometimes shadowing another intern that started at the company before me. And when it comes to projects, there has been a couple of occasions where I had to stay late or come in earlier than usual to meet a deadline. For the aforementioned Google project,  I co-edited a video with another intern and received news today that the client approved of it!