What I Learned This Semester

This class was definitely a challenge for me. However, I can say that I learned a lot such as the importance of craftsmanship, design elements and principles, etc. which were all new to me. Unfortunately, my craftsmanship still isn’t the best but taking this course did help me with precision. For instance, I becameĀ more comfortable using the exacto knife as it got easier to use since the beginning while learning other small techniques through trial and errorĀ including using a separate sheet of paper to prevent fingerprints. In addition, I feel that IĀ have beenĀ able to spot various design elements and principles everywhere and anywhere outside of class, taking note on what works and what doesn’t especially when improving and applying them to my own “work”. Overall, I have learned a whole new understanding of design this semester.

Cooper Hewitt Exhibition

On the upcoming trip to the Cooper Hewitt Design Museum, I am most excited about the Pixar: The Design of Story exhibition where it showcases the makingĀ of the movies I’ve grown up with from Finding Nemo to The Incredibles to Wall-E. The exhibition features the development of not only my favorite characters hand-drawn, painted and even sculptured, but also scenes and minor characters from a number of their popular films. Being surrounded by Pixar’s work will, without a doubt, make me nostalgic.

character-design 181026_a36bcbbd76996b87_b

Project 3 Reflection

Project 3 helped me understand and play around with layering, transparency and mostly value. As this project gave me the opportunity to attempt perfecting the right grayscale color progression with the paint and magazine, I feel that I am able to easily tell whether there is either an adequate or too much of a “jump” from one color to the next. My project was not entirely successful with this, but I was able to see the mistake after it was assembled and placed next to each other. With the marker texture, I’ve also learned that value, not only works with color but works with any texture there is.