3 Companies I’d Be Interested in Working for Are…

1) BuzzFeed (Site/YouTube channels)
I chose BuzzFeed because of how much I enjoy their content on a daily basis, especially their YouTube videos. I am really fond of their editing as well as camera work (for example, this video in accompany with this video) therefore, I would love to be part of their video production.
2) Google
Even though Google is one of the biggest companies out there, making it almost beyond reach to work there, it is no doubt that it would be an amazing opportunity. The openings in their Creative Lab caught my attention, and I definitely would not mind being a part of it.
3) The Representation Project
The Representation Project would probably call themselves more of a movement than they would a company, but I am drawn to what they do as it is something I find very important generally and very important to me. They use the media, especially film, to challenge gender roles and norms as a social construct, bringing them into question. I am/would be interested in using design in any way possible to promote and spread awareness and/or even be a part of their film production.

Project 1 Reflection

Our first project helped me further understand the use of frames. Seeing that frames serve as a separator, isolating the design from its surroundings, the 4×4 cut outs separated one composition from the other, making any viewer focus on one at a time. In addition, the frames covers the rest of the design that lies behind it. Thus, frames can also help with setting apart a fraction of a design or picture from the rest of it. In short, I have learned that frames are mainly used to call attention.