Collab Project

I was assigned my biggest project so far recently. The company has been working with Marriott, producing a series of videos of their hotels in various different countries. So far, they’ve covered Dubai, Thailand, Japan and Greece to name only a few. And currently, they’ve been working on their El Ciego hotel in Mexico.

With the production team having finished shooting the footage earlier on, it was passed onto post-production for editing. That being said, another intern and I were able to be put on the project by my supervisor to create the “selects”. This entails looking through the footage and selecting the best shots for a rough cut to be made in the near future. And since the shoot was done in two days, I was responsible for day 1 while he took the second half. However, despite splitting the work, I was still left with a duration of 4 and a half hours to watch through and through. Not to mention that I had a deadline since the client was scheduled to come in at noon the next day! I was really intimidated to say the least but was ready for the challenge. I had the opportunity to sift through raw footage and see for myself the many tries it takes to get a single shot oftentimes—the camera operator would change angles, adjust the camera settings, take a still shot or decide on a stationary shot. Getting to judge what will (and what won’t) make the final video was exciting.

While the other intern and I mostly worked separately on the same project, we did help each other out here and there. I showed him the process of making selects and we both checked up on each other’s progress a few times. And in the end, I managed to cut down the footage to 30 minutes and we made it to the deadline.