Company Culture

The culture at MATTE is primarily collaborative seeing that there is a lot of communication between each department. For instance, the motion designers occasionally provide video editors with feedback on a video project regarding shots to use, color correction or transitions to name a few. These comments will then be used to execute rough drafts until finalized. I would also describe the culture as motivating. Not only do the employees work well together, sharing the same dedication but we also have office dogs! On my first day, I was told that there are always about 4-5 dogs in the office every day. Having them wander around and sit by your feet every now and then definitely makes coming in all the more exciting.

The attire at the company is casual. Formal attire is not required, however, it is asked of all employees to remain professional in the case of any clients coming in. As for the office itself, it is an open work area with respect to HR and the three founders that have their own offices. Being only a one-floor space,  each department is situated in their own “corner” with the graphic designers sitting near the back, the accounts department sitting near the front desk followed by the post production department on the opposite side, and the interns having their own designated area in the middle. Although it is an open work area, I do not find it too noisy or too crowded but rather easy to get in touch with any employee if need be.

The office opens at 10 AM. While I usually leave at around 5 PM, some do tend to stay later (especially full-time employees). During a typical workday, the office regularly uses Slack to communicate with each other and with the interns as we have our own channel. There, any employee can reach out if they are in need of one of us for a research project, for a production assistant to assist on a shoot or just needs someone to make a quick trip to FedEx. Though, these projects are independent from those given to us from our supervisors and our department. Aside from that, in regards to lunch, we’re allowed an hour to take at any time of the day and a $15 daily stipend.