09.10.19 at MATTE

The very first project I was tasked by my supervisor entailed digging through a stack of hard drives to find animation assets. This included anything from overlays to animations the motion designers have created in the past. Because every video the company has produced live on external hard drives, I had the opportunity to be nosy. I searched through their old and more recent project files, getting to see how they’re organized. But by the same token, I got to see the skeleton of each piece of work. Since I was familiarized with MATTE’s videos, I was amazed to see raw footage, the audio files used for sound design, and the animations independently. As mentioned before about the collaboration culture, it was really presented here. For instance, I discovered footage (from the production team) that I did not recognize in their videos because they did make the final cut and title sequences designed by the motion designers that were then assembled and constructed by the video editors. The amount of detail that goes into creating a single video was astounding to see.

Aside from this, the interns do perform clerical work as well. I have not done so so far, however, one of our responsibilities include scheduling/booking meetings on the Google Calendar. In another instance, if the office manager is particularly busy, one of us takes her place at the front desk temporarily, greeting and helping any visitors that come into the office.