Internship Process

At MATTE, I am a Post Production Intern where I am working closely with the post production team of the company. Within said team, I am supervised by the two managers of the department: Kathy Collins and Nicole Ripka. My responsibilities include using Adobe Premiere Pro to edit, manage, and organize media, preparing video exports, and handling revisions from supervisors and clients.

I found this position through Indeed and with only video editing in mind throughout the entirety of my job search. Despite being in the graphic design concentration, I thought this would be the perfect window to dip my toe in the water of video production. And while I spent a lot of my time refreshing the same websites regularly such as Glassdoor, Indeed, Monster,, and Linkedin, MATTE was one of the first companies I applied to in which I was able to easily upload my résumé online. Though, it grew to be nerve-racking since a couple of weeks passed by without a word from any of the companies I showed interest in and seeing that video production internships appeared to be sparse. Even across the multiple job-boards I was using, openings were very limited so I became afraid that I would not be able to obtain an internship before the semester starts.

However, as August rolled by, I received an email from the Director of HR to come in for an interview at their office. There, I spoke only with Nicole (the Post Production Manager) and was asked about school, my availability for the Fall semester, my past work experience, and my experience with Premiere Pro before I also showed her some of my work. Fortunately, she responded positively to my portfolio and gave me more details about the position. For one, they require their interns to be available to work at least 3 days of the week. Given that they specifically look for undergraduate students in their interns, they are accommodative of their schedules and needs. After our conversation, I was able to meet the rest of the post production team.

The next day, the Director of HR contacted me to join the team!