Michael Cannetti | OL15 11310 | Summer 2021

Week 1 Assignment (Part 1)

Idea 1: Brunch Conundrum

A man has trouble deciding what he wants for brunch.

DERRICK, early 20s wakes up later than usual (11:30AM) and ends up missing out on his breakfast. When he goes into the kitchen, he contemplates on whether he should make himself breakfast or lunch at this time. Going back and forth on his decision making, DERRICK begins have an absurd existential crisis over this seemingly trivial issue.

Idea 2: Sibling Struggle

Logline: A brother and his sister get into a fight with their weapon choices becoming more and more questionable.

Outline: After a heated argument with his sister ANDREA, ANDREA challenges VICTOR (the brother) to a duel. As each of them keep goading each other on, the weapons they choose to fight with become more absurd. From guns and knives to bananas and hand sanitizer bottles, the two siblings keep one-upping each other with their absurd weaponry.

Idea 3: Day by the Bay

Logline: A man gets nostalgic while he’s at the shore.

Outline: During a warm summer day, a man in his early 20s decides to take a walk by the bay he used to go to as a kid. The man reminisces on simpler times as he walks by the bay. The man concludes his walk feeling a mix of emotions.


  1. Darren Le

    Hi, just my comment not a feedback yet. Nicholas, in outline one of logline one, how do you mean by writing on ridiculous survival crisis over his trivial issue ?
    Thank for sharing!

    • Nicholas Albanese

      Hello Darren,

      I see which one you are referring to. The “ridiculous survival crisis over his trivial issue” is actually “an absurd existential crisis over a seemingly trivial issue”. I am basically trying to say that the situation he is in where he has to decide whether he wants to have breakfast or lunch is causing him to question his own existence.

  2. Michael Cannetti

    Hi Nicholas,
    I love all of these stories. I think they are super fun, and very inventive.
    I think the Brunch Conundrum is the most feasible project and you could have a lot of fun making it. It could almost be told in montage with Benny Hill music underneath.
    The Sibling Struggle sounds hilarious. I feel like there should be some sort of magic element involved. The weapons keep changing due to some sort of outside magical influence.
    The day by the bay sounds like something a lot of people can connect with. Especially with the pandemic, having time to reflect and breathe is very important. If he is reminiscing you might have a challenge of showcasing flashbacks and jumping backwards and forward in time.
    I look forward to seeing your final project, whichever it may be.

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