The Animated GIF

The Animated GIF

GIF with Sound


I’ve always wanted to make my own GIF. I usually just edit them, like add words to them using Photoshop. This was my first time actually make one from scratch. It was a lot of work but the end result was awesome. I can see how people could spend days on editing these things to make them perfect. I really liked how we could add music to them. It got real tedious when popcorn maker wasn’t working well, but I eventually pulled through. All in all it was a project I really enjoyed.

Work hours:

Staccato/Legato Thumbnails:   10/9/14 took around 1 hour

Staccato/Legato Mashup:    10/11/14 took around 1 hour

Staccato/Legato Mashup Inked:    10/14/14 took around 3 hours

Staccato/Legato Mashup GIF :   10/15/14 took around 3 hours

In all it took 8 hours to finish this project


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