In the reading of Colson Whitehead’s “City Limits” we learned how our own view of New York could be completely different to somebody else. We have all lived in New York for a long time. We have had all kinds of experiences. Everyone has seen different places of New York and has experienced different events. This helps build to someone’s New York. In the second paragraph he talks about how people begin to build their own New York. He tells us that our New York is based on our experiences and we shouldn’t let other people tell us what our New York should be like. He tells us to not believe in things like the newspaper and history text books because if we haven’t experienced it, its not part of our New York. Reading this made you feel nostalgic because you really begin to think about those past stores that aren’t there anymore. He gives the buildings human characteristics by saying that, both us and the buildings never get a chance to say goodbye. He starts talking about how our homes will always hold memories of us and it’ll have all our different phases.

Toward the end he begins to talk about how as New Yorkers we’ll always experience change. He also says” that New York doesn’t complain when we change so we shouldn’t”. We can’t stop the changes so we might as well embrace it. According to Colson Whitehead the only thing we can do is remember the memories we had of the buildings because that is the proof that they existed.