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Lost and Found: Phase 1


My first three images are respectively of broken chicken bones, ripped loose leaf, and a stem and leaf. These images all show an obvious figure/ground relationship. The stem and leaf stick out, as well as the chicken bones, and the loose leaf is very clear and distinguishable. The paper is very geometric while the chicken bones and leaf display organic shapes. My other three pictures are of chipped wood, paint splattered wood, and a tree with moss on it. These were my choices for ambiguous figure/ground relationships. They’re all mostly organic, with the exception of the chipped wood, which shows some type of geometric shaping in the literal chipped parts of it.

The chicken bones and loose leaf were found outside a school by a bus stop; I imagined both came from a student heading home who accidentally dropped some work as they were discarding their food. The leaf and stem was found on the sidewalk by someones house; It most likely fell off and out of the persons yard as a result of wind and rain. As for the wood, I discovered both in a private parking lot by people’s garages. The wood has been chipped at for years, going through many seasons; heavy rains and winds. The paint splattered wood was more fortunate not to experience as much damage over the years, could possibly be much more fresh than the other. And lastly the mossy tree is a result of the rainy weather; The day I took these photos it was raining pretty heavy actually.

I worked on this Phase for about four hours, including traveling to take pictures, choosing and editing six images from all that I took, and then finally writing about them.