Project 1: Phase 1, Edouard Jean

Weed (not that kind)

This is an uprooted weed found in the dirt. Whoever snatched it up must’ve left it. The general shape is organic since it doesn’t really form a polygon. The figure/ground is ambiguous since really any part can be considered the background.

Fine Dime

This here is a dime, some poor guy is down ten cents. The figure/ground relationship is pretty obvious here. The shape is also geometric. A dime is a circle after all. I picked it up after so I’m up ten cents.

Cared For Sidewalk

This sidewalk is a prime example of the care that goes into the streets. The shape is organic as shown by the roundness and curves. The figure/ground is also ambiguous since any part of this can be the object of focus.

Nine Inch Nails

Talk about getting hammered. This nail somehow got embedded into the sidewalk. The figure/ground relationship is obvious, I mean it’s a nail sticking out the ground. It also has a geometric shape. I just need to know how someone managed that.

Summer's End

This is a leaf. I know, very exciting. It’s shape can be considered organic and geometric with both it’s straight lines and curves. It also has an obvious figure/ground relationship. This also says Summer is ending, which is depressing.

Block Head

This piece of cement has been through a lot. The curves here give it an organic shape. The figure/ground here is also ambiguous as you can’t immediately tell if it’s buried under the dirt or sitting on the surface. Either way it took a lot of force to break it.

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