Tasfia, Farai, Briana, Juan


  • The great depression called for a radical change to the urban environment
  • The depression changed the city condition and they wanted to move from that situation
  • Proposal of a future centered around the car
  • What was envisioned for the “future” was ironically made today 
  • The model of the future nyc that will bring tourists and help the economy
  • Color of lincoln center is white – similar to most of the buildings and sculptures of the fair
  • Democra-city- planned community for the future
  • hitch (one’s) wagon to a star. “To pursue grand or lofty goals for oneself, often by partnering with someone or something that is already successful or revered”
  • 75 cents admission
  • Music – giving the feeling of entering a magical land
  • Futurama- exhibit and ride- suggests idea to remove slums

Major Takeaways

The 1939 World Fair and the construction of the Lincoln Center represented a planned vision for what the ideal New York City community should be like from a cultural, economic, and infrastructural perspective. However, this vision or plan was driven predominantly by corporations and political figures, while neglecting the input of the communities that they planned to revitalize.