This short writing is about my visit to MoMa in Manhattan. It focuses on Yoshio Taniguchi’s redesign and the phenomenal experiences the museum itself offers the public and its surrounding.

Some people says that MoMa is Manhattan itself. Beside my visit to the museum I decided to read some article to learn more about the place, and most of the material that I explore really pivot on the fact that the museum was built around a beautiful sculpture garden. It is true that the garden give you a reflection of central park and the museum built around it represents the city with buildings of various function and purpose. Located in Midtown Manhattan it’s always been hard to see the Museum of Modern Art. Neither 53rd not 54th street is wide. It was redesign by a Japanese architect called Yoshio Taniguchi, and from my observation he really capture the essence of the city by recreating it through MoMa’s architecture. But I don’t think the garden itself is only the strength of the museum. The interior is quite amazing, it was design in such way to create a lot movement, and an exciting experience for the people. From what I saw the ground floor area is an expansive public gathering space, open to the public and spawning the entire street level of the Museum, including The Abby Aldrich Rockefeller sculpture Garden. It offers many ways to expand our understanding of the early development of modernism, and also exposed a vast constellation of creative architects and designers. The collection has been built on the recognition that architecture and design are allied and interdependent arts. The Museum exposed the architecture collection through models, drawing, and photographs, and includes the Mies Van der Rohe Archive. The exterior design really Screams simplicity and modesty with it’s granite and glass façade. Taniguchi did a great job by envisioned the garden as the Museum’s core, providing view from each of the surrounding buildings. The Museum is quite remarkable, Along 54th street the symmetrical Volumes are clothed in black granite, dark gray glass, and aluminum showing a connection to the site across.