I feel that it was a huge impact on me studying New York City architecture outside the classroom because it was helpful to see the building up close in person. Every class going outside meeting in front of the building we will talk about was good and interesting. For example foe being outside the class would have been better than meeting in class and just talking about the building and looking at images of them and talk about it, for me personally that would have been boring and I would have been distracted or not pay that much attention to the images. On the other hand, going to the building we are talking about, looking at it walking around it inside it and seeing how it looks on the block and how it relates to the site and the surrounding buildings was very helpful for me. I feel that future upcoming students that will take this class should have the opportunity to go and meet outside the classroom each week because it will be very helpful for the student. It will be easy to talk about the building, look at it and analyze it in person rather than looking at it via images from google or other websites. I also feel that it will be very helpful to compare buildings to each other in person rather than via images and drawings, I feel that in person you will look and see more details than images or drawings won’t show you and that will make it more interesting to look at and discuss about it. For me having this class meet outside the classroom each week was very helpful and beneficial for me I felt I learned better that way and it was very cool experience.