Short Writing Assignment Week 11: Lincoln Center relation to surrounding city

This short writing assignment will pertain to the public plaza of Lincoln Center and its relation to the city surrounding it. The Lincoln Center is of the Post Modernism movement; a style that takes classical architectural features from the ancient Greeks and Romans and changes it into a new style. These features may include piers, vaults, and stone masonry. The Lincoln Center became an urban space within a public space. This center changed how the citizens interacted with the public space. Because of the influence of the Lincoln Center on the citizens, buildings were built together, not scattered in multiple parts of the city. This was all a result of urban planning and renewal in the 1930s; where the federal government funded towards improving the urban planning of the city.

Short Writing Assignment Week 13: Michael Kimmelman critique of Hudson Yards and Battery Park City’s layout

This short writing assignment will pertain to the Hudson Yards critique by Michael Kimmelman and the layout of Battery Park City. In Michael Kimmelman’s critique on Hudson Yards, published on March 14th 2019, states the grandeur of Hudson Yards’ appearance, how expensive it’s construction was, and how this “office park” will affect the economy. The Hudson Yards can be see from the highline, near the Whitney Museum of American Art. It has 14 acres of public space, and is made up of multiple buildings: 10 Hudson Yards Tower, 15 Hudson Yards Tower, 30 Hudson Yards Tower, 35 Hudson Yards Tower, 50 Hudson Yards Tower, 55 Hudson Yards Tower, a shopping mall, The Shed, and the Vessel. The construction of the western side of the yards is yet to be completed. Kimmelman states that Hudson Yards lacks harmonization of its parts: the buildings together do not have a relation in size and in scale. Battery Park City is located along side the Hudson river. It is a neighborhood filled with apartments, restaurants, a memorial, and parks. It is lively with many activities and even has a harbor. I found its layout to be really interesting in that it had a unique movement of scenes with its diverse areas with each of their own purposes. I enjoyed the change in scenery as I went from the neighborhood, to the park, and then to the harbor.

Short Writing Assignment Week 14: MoMA garden and surrounding city structures

This short writing assignment will pertain to the MoMA garden and the city structures surrounding the garden. The Museum of Modern Art (or MoMA) has a garden will a glass curtain wall facade. This garden is spacious and has bodies of water as well. Looking around the garden, one can see various types of buildings with Post Modernism and Late Post Modernism styles, one of them being the AT&T Building designed by Philip Johnson. The AT&T Building was a Post Modernism style building with vertical and horizontal emphasis. I thought the garden was stunning in its appearance and was a space where one can see buildings of different times come together to make a timeline of building styles.