Let me start by saying that MoMA is Is an art exhibition itself. It’s a museum that embraces space versus human therefore every room in each of its passageways offers authenticity. Its circulation portrays art, because it not only has horizontal but vertical circulation as well therefore allowing the visitor to choose an make its own path. It also allows the visitor to soak in the view of motion.

Which leads me so the fact that the garden although being a private space belonging said the museum is the part of the museum that acts as a public space. although the day of my visit to MoMA I was unable to explore the garden due to the weather; I could have also envisioned the play of movement and the art of tranquility. The garden is a very modern one allowing you to taking views of the city and different perspectives of different buildings. it also serves as a place of reflection due to the small pond that’s it’s in it. I viewed upon as a mini version of a reflecting pool. I guess I embraced this belief by the colors and the presence of nature in the garden. The color of the structure mimics peace and somewhat invisibility yet knowing you’re not alone. MoMA does a great job with the interaction of interior to the exterior space. The garden is also a port of natural light into the museum and also allows visitors to see actions and reactions from inside out and from the outside in.