Describe the impact of studying New York City Architecture outside of the classroom.

Should more students get this opportunity?

I believe that studying the architecture in New York City was impactful in that it allowed us to experience the city structures with our own eyes instead of looking at a photograph of it inside the classroom. For me, it widened my experience  of observation when it seeing specific buildings up close, studying them, understanding their purpose, and interacting with them. A person can learn a lot from a building just by standing inside it, near it, or by looking at it from a far; you have a sense of perception and are able to interpret the structure for yourself. During this class, I felt like I could immerse myself into the spaces we visited. Despite the many inconveniences of convening to a selected building and all the possible circumstances that could happen due to delays and weather, this class was considerably enjoyable; an experience like no other.

I definitely think that students who want to see those city structures for themselves should have a class dedicated to doing just that. As mentioned before, a person can learn from a building just by interacting with it; they can notice the details, the materials, the craftsmanship: the attributes that make the building what it is. They can even sketch the buildings themselves and draw the details that pop out to them. I highly recommend the skill set of using a GPS on your phone and having a friend in the class who can help guide you should you get lost. Students who are interested in architecture should learn about architecture through this unique opportunity.