This short writing is about the 20th century civic infrastructure in New York city . The first paragraph is focus on the relation between grand central terminal and the New York public library. The second paragraph is about the impact on people and the city after pen station was demolished.

At First, civic infrastructure is the way of animating and programming existing place and also the way of maintaining them. Grand Central terminal also referred to as Grand Central station is pretty much the end of the northern part of the city and also have a connection with New York city subways. It’s located at 42nd St and Park avenue and was designed by Reed and Stem firm. The style which is the Beaux-Arts incorporates beautiful art work all around the terminal. For example the main concourse have this oval barrel vaulted ceiling which contains an beautiful green painting background with some cool zodiac signs.The design and the way it’s setting up there can also be interpreted like the stars in the sky. Like Grand Central the New York library presents the same feature as an people place of triumphant glory. It also carries the same Beaux-Art style. The entrance is quite majestic with it’s unique stone vault above and it’s daunting white interior marble. The light in the Celling really show the decoration, the gallery and stairs. As you going thru the building the painting in the ceiling creates a filling of drama that kinda connects you to the high life of the pass. I also notice that in every floor there’s an alleyway that divided the space in two. Both building really embrace the concept of civic infrastructure where they provide places and attraction for people to visit or enjoy with amazing art, food court, transportation or education.

Penn station is quite different from those building but I would have another opinion if it was the old one. Modernity can be very good but not in that case. Penn station is the main intercity railroad station in New york city it’s located between seventh and Eighth Avenues. During my Visit I notice people weren’t to fond of the place, instead of tourists taking picture I saw people running to go where ever they wanted to go, They didn’t even notice the place. Compare to the old design Penn station had a claustrophobic feeling with those low celling, thin light and poor acoustic. In the 1900’s people really loved the station because it gave them the impression of entitlement or the feeling of arriving to a special place. They didn’t like the fact that the station was about to be destroyed. So they signed petition and protested but nothing works.