This short writing is about the classic skyline in the 1900’s New York. It focus on the relation between the Empire state building and the Chrysler building.

since the dawn of time people were alway competitive. sometimes the competition has been shown to be useful to certain level and brings out all that is the best. To me those building really embrace the competition between them to achieve greatness. The Chrysler building was designed by William Van Alen in the 1900’s, it’s a great example of art  deco architecture. It’s located at the intersection of 42nd and Lexington Avenue. It Held the title of tallest building for only 11 months before the Empire state beat it flat in heights. It is the tallest brick building in the world with a steel framework. It also look like a big wedding cake with a beautiful arch front door, and the top design sort of illuminated when the sunlight reflect on it. Not to far from the Chrysler, the Empire state building present almost the same features, it was designed by Shreve, lamb & Harmon and completed in 1931 right after the Chrysler building. It is also an art deco design of pre World War II architecture. The multiple setbacks reduce the level dimensions as the height increases making the top part much more smaller then the bottom. those setbacks also allow the sunlight to reach the street. they used limestone and steel to built this masterpiece. Despite what people said about the building and all I got to say that I didn’t feel amazed by it.