This short writing explains the urban development of New York and Brooklyn during the 18th and 19th centuries.


Before New york was created the existing leaders at that time weren’t so fond of creating a place for people to come in, instead they created the street-grid, regulated the port and immigration, provided water and sewers, authorized transportation lines, and build parks etc. After a period of time a mass of people started to move to the city, It was pretty unexpected for the 19th century leaders.No one thought the the city offered a picture of rational planing but because of the population growth they had to come up with a solution to the problem in hand. The housing conditions weren’t so great for people to live in, so their first achievement was to create a tenement house law (1901) that required the installation of toilet and fire escapes in existing old buildings.Over time they had new construction laws for the well function of new buildings. They said all buildings need to have dumbwaiters, hot water, cooking facilities, hot water and no room without windows. In 1916 They started to control the density and regulate land use by reshaping structures.

Not to far from New York  Brooklyn was like a small village in 1794 the air was healthy because of trees and plantation. At that time brooklyn only had one story houses placed along the shore without plan. The streets were bad, heavy, and unpaved. The Smallest amount of rain makes Brooklyn muddy. Because Brooklyn was close to the east river of manhattan and a lot of merchant, Rowboats, sailboats, and ferries used that river a lot, a mass of  people began to buy land along the waterfront. The Us navy opened a shipyard on Wallabout Bay in 1814 and steam-ferry appeared allowing wealthy businessmen to go across the river. over time a lot of Irish immigrants started to move in. Between 1840 and 1845, the population of Brooklyn doubled. The Brooklyn bridge was built and opened in 1883. The bridge brought a lot of people into Brooklyn: immigrants seeking cheap rent from Manhattan.