As I was walking down Remsen St heading towards the Brooklyn Heights Promenade, I noticed that almost all houses have the similar design some differ than other houses because of restoration but overall had the same layout. One inserting thing that I learned was that Brooklyn Heights mainly was consider as a residential gateway from the developing city of New York (Manhattan). As we arrived in Brooklyn Heights Promenade park I noticed that the park was on a high elevation compare to what was on the other side of the East river which is Manhattan and was on a low elevation and that can lead to more floods happening in Manhattan than in Brooklyn Heights. Another thing I found interesting from this walk was that if 2-3 houses have the same design and layout it was probably owned by one owner who would divided the land to fit 2-3 lot’s as was the case with the houses located on Willow St 155-157-159 which is consider a New York Landmark because it’s a good representing of the federal style of those days. The most important feature in those houses was the door you saw how back then they made that their main point, the door looked taller and a littler wider than the type of doors we see in today’s house, the door as well had iconic columns and the glass window on top of the door with a lintels laying on top of the window. As we landed in Manhattan (Wall St ferry stop) I realized why Manhattan was developing more than Brooklyn and why almost all the ships and trade was happening in Manhattan it was because it was easy access to both the Hudson and East river and has we walked I found out that back in the day stores weren’t actually stores but they were warehouse to store products or other things. Almost all the buildings near the river were mostly consider to be Industrial & it was because it would benefit from being there because it would be easy to ship stuff out compare to Brooklyn where there isn’t that much space to do all these stuffs and Brooklyn was consider more to be residential area than industrial. As the trip conclude I really saw a huge difference in the architecture and streetscape in Brooklyn and New York (Manhattan).