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Course Resources

Faculty: Please edit this page to organize any additional course resources that you’d like to share with your students. Please delete this informational block when you are ready to share your site with your students. For help working with OpenLab Course sites, visit OpenLab Help.

Below please find links and support materials to help you succeed in this course and beyond. If you don’t find the resources you’re looking for, just ask!

Tutorials and Videos

For DropCaps Project 1. This Indesign tutorial Adjust the Space Between a Drop Cap and the Next Letter with Kerning by David Blatner was done a while back for InDesign Secrets / Creative Pro, but still relevant.

For Project 2 Publication Design

Master Pages help – Adobe

Master Page Adobe Video

Style Sheets Adobe Video

YOUTUBE Video by Jessica Garrity applying style sheets


For Project 2
Inspiration: Creative Cloud Using Type In Logo Design

Print Magazine: When to Wordmark? by Sagi Haviv
Read about logotypes and why they were chosen over a symbol

The 7 Kinds of Logos (and how to use them) by Kelly Morr 99 designs