Class Info

  • Date: TK
  • Meeting Info: via zoom at link here


Color by the Numbers: Workflows and Devices for Consistent Color


  • Understand what color calibration is and why it is important in our industry
  • Learn about two methods to calibrate a monitor
  • Become familiar with the Pantone Color Matching System to maintain a brand color across Color Spaces and Subtrates
  • Learn how to set up a professional studio for consistent color with standardized lighting, neutral surrounding colors and monitor hoods.


As a Review of last week’s lecture and discuss, watch the Khan Academy’s Pixar’s Color Science Videos and take the Quizzes:

and review the RGB model:

Then, we will go over the following links:

Pantone Color Institute

We will be going over the Pantone Color Bridge today as well as learning how to calibrate a monitor using the calibration software in the Mac operating system.

Screen Shot 2015-10-05 at 10.38.16 AM

We will review today the brand site for UCONN. which demonstrates how the principles we have been discussing are applied to a brand. We will also look a little bit at other companies with a strong brand color.

Below is a list of the resources we will be reviewing during class today.Regarding UCONN Branding:

uconn-visual-brand-colors(2) UCONN-Color-Guidelines(2)

Monitor Calibration Resources:

Visual Display Calibration Assistant on Mac–mac-47072
A Color Munki Colorimeter tutorial
Spectrophotometer Device in Action




Today we will be doing a critique of our Classes Visual Quote Projects. Students will each present their concepts via zoom to the class as a group. These critiques will be interspersed in between our Discussion Topics.

To-Do After Class

See Assignments/ Week Seven