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Class Info

  • Date: TK
  • Meeting Info: via zoom at link here


Getting to Know Each Other; Class Orientation to OpenLab & Blackboard; Looking at our Industry through Branding and Logos


  • Learn How to Use Blackboard & navigate our OpenLab site
  • Learn how to Access our OpenLab Site and its Resources
  • Consider how changes in technology & society affect Design


Ice Breaker Activity

Our department has classes focusing on Advertising and on Motion Graphics. So,

Let’s take a look first at the most famous Superbowl ad in history and then at some later commercials that refer to it.

Questions for Discussion:

Who is Big Brother in this video?

What story does the 1984 refer to?

How does the use of color and audio in this piece underscore its message?

How about the typography at the end of the video–how is it handled?

Who is the target audience for this commercial?


Epic’s New Commercial–

Questions for Discussion Board:

Who is Big Brother in each of these later commercials?

Who does the girl with the hammer now represent?

Here’s how Adweek covered this latest iteration of the 1984 ad:

And because this is 2020, we have a website and a hashtag to accompany Epic’s video.

Okay, now let’s play the Game

For this class you will have to write a draft of your logo history research paper for homework over the next two weeks.

So, let’s start by looking at how Apple’s logo has evolved . ..


. https://www.tubefilter.com/2020/06/18/kirby-singer-tiktok-video-rebrand-aunt-jemima/

Kirby Tik Tok About Aunt Jemina

Together in class, we will  listen part of the full text of Dr. Martin Luther King’s sermon “Drum Major’s Speech” . Link to  Audio of the speech is at:

The PDF below has most of the full text from the speech so for those of you who prefer to read it or to listen to the words and then read it, here’s the PDF of a Church newspaper that has the text.



• We will go over our Blackboard classroom and work go over the Grade Book Center.

• Upload a image of yourself to your profile page on OpenLab.

• Listen or read the rest of King’s speech and then respond on our blackboard Discussion board with your thoughts about his thoughts related to advertising. Think about the name Drum Major’s Speech and what that means.

Then, you will begin to do research for your logo history research paper.

After watching this tutorial, join me in the virtual office I created for today so you are comfortable attending my office hours on Tuesday from 3:45 to 5:45 PM each week.

To-Do After Class

Please see Assignments/Week One