Visual Quote Project

The first concept I came up with was doing an illustration depicting what the quote meant to me. The idea behind this illustration is that in order to achieve results you need to keep putting in the work and only that is when the good will start to bloom like the plant in the pot. I chose to do a rough yet clean sketch of a flower pot being watered, by using a light pastel palette and a darker shade to outline so the objects would be seen as what they were intended to be. I also made a little shadow for the pot to give more dimension to the illustration. The font I used for the quote is Marker Felt and I matched the color of the quote to the leaves to balance the darker colors out. I made the decision to warp the text and make it match the vibe of the illustration which was clean yet a bit imperfect. 

For the second concept, I also chose to make an illustration. This concept is similar to the first one but it represents the force of nature and time quite literally, given the plant is in the hourglass. I chose to make this illustration with clean edges and stringer colors to oppose my first idea and go with a different aesthetic. The font I used is Marker Felt and I chose to warp the quote around the hourglass to keep the illustration together and be seen as one instead of placing it somewhere far or just straight across which would have divided the viewer’s attention between the illustration and the quote. 

For the third and the last concept, I decided to keep it simple and clear-cut. I decided to illustrate a clock to make the reader visualize the quote. I decided to write the quote as the dial of the clock with a dark color contrary to the pastel palette I used to make it stand out to the reader.

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