Project 2

What is Project Design? 7 Steps with Expert Tips [2023] • Asana

For my second project I had to make a program, banner and a jumbotron for the Teachers Recognition Awards Ceremony. By the second project I was familiar with the process. I emailed and set up a meeting with Chioma, the professor I was designing for, and asked her for the specifics of the project. After gathering all the details I started working on my first drafts. After I got feedback on those a week later I started refining the concepts. This specific project was a bit tedious and required a lot of attention to detail because it had a lot of text.

I had a lot of back and forth with the client and the FC team about this one which made me a little short on time but I still made the deadline. I learned that it’s important to communicated when you are feeling stressed because when I did, my mentor was able to step in and help.