Ethics in Design 1

1A. Being an intern at Faculty Commons I mostly design for professors and I have to be very careful with the imagery I use because at the end of the day City Tech would get penalized for it. It’s preferred that I only use images from the known free websites such as pexels, unsplash and sometimes adobe stock images. When it comes to illustrations the rules are quite the same, we are allowed to take inspiration from other websites such as Pinterest and Behance but we have to be very careful about copying elements from the original. Since I get assigned a lot of flyers and banners it’s important for me to keep a rule in mind from the AIGA Business Ethics Guide that “You don not own a font. You license it for limited uses.” I have to make sure to only use fonts that come with the Adobe subscription because anything else could be a risk for copyright.

1B. I did not have to sign a NDA or a confidentiality agreement for my Faculty Commons internship. But I did get a chance to go over the “AIGA Business Ethics: A Client Guide to Design” and I learned the importance of an NDA and how there are certain unspoken rules regarding the kind of information you should or shouldn’t share.


“Aiga Business Ethics Guide: Use of Fonts”

“Aiga Business Ethics: A Client Guide to Design”