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Project #3

Our third project of the semester challenged us to use  text in Adobe illustrator.  We had to master using the text tool while utilizing color swatches and warp effects.

The theme for the project was to create a business card with a personalized business aesthetic. Once I mastered the tools used in previous projects, completing this project was pretty easy.

I decided to create a business aesthetic that of a real estate agency dedicated to retirees.


Project #2

For my MTEC 1001 Lab/Class, our second assignment helped me to master the pen tool in Adobe Illustrator. At first, using this tool was very difficult for me  but with practice I was able to complete the assignment with ease.

We were asked to create a single silhouette of a famous public figure by using the pen tool to select and isolate the public figure away from the background of the original image. Then we had to fill the selected part of the image (which was the public figure) and fill it with solid black  using the Fill tool. Doing this gave the isolated object the appearence of a dark silhouette.

I chose Micheal Jackson  as a public figure because of his recognizable and legendary dance moves. As a performer, I believed any of his movement would make a great silhouette.


Project #1

This project was an assignment for my MTEC1001 Lab/Class.  The objective was to understand how to build shapes on Adobe Illustrator. While learning how to create shapes, we also explored how to invert black and white colors and make the image/objects transparent.

Our professor encouraged us to think of a symbol that would fit in a 5″x5″ thumbnail and represented who we were individually. I decided to create a butterfly 🙂

“We delight in the beauty of the butterfly, but rarely admit to the changes it has gone through to achieve that beauty” -Maya Angelou

Project 1

Project 1