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Project #6

This assignment challenged us to visualize our favorite book’s, album’s, or movie’s  posters and/or covers as we personally imagined them to look.  Using  Photoshop, we were asked to re-create our favorite book, album, or movie cover/poster.

One of my favorite books turned movie is Alice Walker’s “The Color Purple”.

I decided to create a poster/book cover that incorporated this titles movie poster and book cover concept into one.

I use the gradient tool to create a background the blends the primary  colors red and blue and caused a bright purple tint to appear in the middle.

I created a silhouette of the main character that is displayed in the movie poster and centered it between the title and the author’s name. I also decided to put the  supporting lead actor and actress

into the background using a blend mode. The reason for incorporating the supporting lead actor and actress in the red and  blue sides of the gradient background was to give an idea of the importance of their presence in the main character’s life.  The purple tint that the two sides created symbolizes the message and the theme of both the book and movie.

BOOK COVER                                                                       





Project #5

We began to learn how to restore old and weathered photos using unique editing tools in Photoshop.  For project 5, we were asked to restore an old photo using editing tools such as the healing brush, the spot healer, the dodge tool, and the burn tool.





Project #4

For the fourth project of the semester, we were instructed to use Adobe Photoshop.  Even though Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator are similar programs,  Photoshop only creates pixel images rather than vector. The objective for this project was to utilize some of the basic editing tools such as the lasso tool, the quick selection tool, and the paint brush tool.  We were asked to create 3 pictures; one that was abstract, one that depicted “small” and “large”, and one that represented old and new.

For my abstract picture, I chose to create a “tree lady” using the quick selection tool to piece together her body including her head and hair. I used the lasso tool to remove unwanted pixels from the outer lining of the large objects thatI used to create her body, hair and the background.

In order to give an illusion of “big” and “small”, I created an image of a normal size man seeming as if he is about to be grabbed by a giant.  For this, I used the same tactics that I used in the abstract image to create the man and the giant’s hand. I also used the paintbrush tool while managing the opacity setting to create shadows that reflect off of the brick wall  background.

I was inspired by a futuristic aesthetic for the creation of my old and new image. I used the same tactics as both the abstract and big/small images. I used a cut out image of a DeLorean and a Lamborghini to represent old and new. I also used cut out images for the road, portal, and road sign. I inserted text into the road signs and created shadows for all cut out objects.


Project #3

Our third project for the semester challenged us to use  text in Adobe illustrator.  We had to master using the text tool while utilizing color swatches and warp effects.

The theme for the project was to create a business card with a personalized business aesthetic. Once I mastered the tools used in previous projects, completing this project was pretty easy.

I decided to create a business aesthetic that of a real estate agency dedicated to retirees.


Project #2

For my MTEC 1001 Lab/Class, our second assignment helped me to master the pen tool in Adobe Illustrator. At first, using this tool was very difficult for me  but with practice I was able to complete the assignment with ease.

We were asked to create a single silhouette of a famous public figure by using the pen tool to select and isolate the public figure away from the background of the original image. Then we had to fill the selected part of the image (which was the public figure) and fill it with solid black  using the Fill tool. Doing this gave the isolated object the appearence of a dark silhouette.

I chose Micheal Jackson  as a public figure because of his recognizable and legendary dance moves. As a performer, I believed any of his movement would make a great silhouette.


Project #1

This project was an assignment for my MTEC1001 Lab/Class.  The objective was to understand how to build shapes on Adobe Illustrator. While learning how to create shapes, we also explored how to invert black and white colors and make the image/objects transparent.

Our professor encouraged us to think of a symbol that would fit in a 5″x5″ thumbnail and represented who we were individually. I decided to create a butterfly 🙂

“We delight in the beauty of the butterfly, but rarely admit to the changes it has gone through to achieve that beauty” -Maya Angelou

Project 1

Project 1