My Dream Job

Manashe Malayev

My dream job

My dream job would be a real estate developer in my home borough of Queens New York. I have always been interested in real estate development ever since looking at Manhattan and learning how it grew to be the city that experiences never-ending change and renewal. But the city is so big it isn’t just limited to Manhattan island, I was never sure why other parts of the city don’t experience the same growth and change. Over the years I have seen a change of thought of people who are willing to buy property in Brooklyn. No longer is Manhattan the only location for real estate opportunities. Brooklyn has experienced major growth in certain locations that are a stone’s throw from manhattan. The same can be true for Queens and there are already signs that show a spread into Long Island City. Great growth is happening and it is possible for my borough. There needs to be new changes zoning has to update, jobs need to be created, parks need to be cleaned, and schools need to be built but that only happens if Queens gets the attention it deserves.

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