Dream Job Dante Natteri

It’s is incredible how love is the most important driven force in our life. How it moves us to obtain what we want and how sometimes it comes with a surprise. When I was an Architectural student, I met my first girlfriend, and the first thing she told me was “if you want to be my boyfriend you need to work because with the money of daddy and mommy I am not going outside with you. I said ok,” This was a turning point in my life. This initial step took me into one of the best jobs I have ever had.

I began to work at my university, at the beginning of each semester they asked for ID picture for the registration process, so I began taking ID photos for the student registration. I used the photography lab that the professor offered to me.  This was my first small step on obtained my dream job. Before that, I began to work with different Institutions and Universities.

I grew up very fast with a business partner, he was a friend of mine, but very well related and created IBUSA (Important Business S. A.) As a company, we began to work with the national police of my country, larger universities, and private institutions. I began doing ID documents at the National University of Engineering and finished taking care of the Registrar office of the Federico Villareal National University. There was a moment that my company had more than one hundred employees and from time to time in special seasons we worked twenty-four hours a day.

So as a future architect I would love to have my own architectural firm with a partner that should be ok. I believe that with a partner I will grow faster. On the other hand, it is very interesting to be your own boss, you accept the jobs you want and you set up your own limit. Of course, when we love what we do we increase our life quality for us and our family.

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