Dream Job Dante Natteri

It’s is incredible how love is the most important driven force in our life. How it moves us to obtain what we want and how sometimes it comes with a surprise. When I was an Architectural student, I met my first girlfriend, and the first thing she told me was “if you want to be my boyfriend you need to work because with the money of daddy and mommy I am not going outside with you. I said ok,” This was a turning point in my life. This initial step took me into one of the best jobs I have ever had.

I began to work at my university, at the beginning of each semester they asked for ID picture for the registration process, so I began taking ID photos for the student registration. I used the photography lab that the professor offered to me.  This was my first small step on obtained my dream job. Before that, I began to work with different Institutions and Universities.

I grew up very fast with a business partner, he was a friend of mine, but very well related and created IBUSA (Important Business S. A.) As a company, we began to work with the national police of my country, larger universities, and private institutions. I began doing ID documents at the National University of Engineering and finished taking care of the Registrar office of the Federico Villareal National University. There was a moment that my company had more than one hundred employees and from time to time in special seasons we worked twenty-four hours a day.

So as a future architect I would love to have my own architectural firm with a partner that should be ok. I believe that with a partner I will grow faster. On the other hand, it is very interesting to be your own boss, you accept the jobs you want and you set up your own limit. Of course, when we love what we do we increase our life quality for us and our family.

Proposal for the Final Project

My topic in the Proposal for the Final Project is Historical Preservation. I think this is a very exciting topic since I would be studying buildings that were built many years ago, and are part of history, which is something I like.

For this project I will have to understand the following:

What Historical Preservation is.

I need to study the importance of Historical Preservation.

I would like to study some historical buildings as examples.

The consequences of not preserving those historical buildings.

The type of work that is allowed in those buildings.

About the permissions that architects need have in order to do any work on those buildings.

I think those things will be important to understand as well as other questions that might come up during the investigation.

I think working in groups would be very helpful. To find, analyze, compare, and revise information, would be a key to end up with a well done research.

My Dream Job

Manashe Malayev

My dream job

My dream job would be a real estate developer in my home borough of Queens New York. I have always been interested in real estate development ever since looking at Manhattan and learning how it grew to be the city that experiences never-ending change and renewal. But the city is so big it isn’t just limited to Manhattan island, I was never sure why other parts of the city don’t experience the same growth and change. Over the years I have seen a change of thought of people who are willing to buy property in Brooklyn. No longer is Manhattan the only location for real estate opportunities. Brooklyn has experienced major growth in certain locations that are a stone’s throw from manhattan. The same can be true for Queens and there are already signs that show a spread into Long Island City. Great growth is happening and it is possible for my borough. There needs to be new changes zoning has to update, jobs need to be created, parks need to be cleaned, and schools need to be built but that only happens if Queens gets the attention it deserves.

Final Project Proposal -Karen Vintimilla

My proposal for the final is to discuss what our dream job is but expand on it. For those who want to have their own business, we can expand on what type of business we want, what we will be doing and for who are we giving our services to. We can create a presentation on the advantages and disadvantages on having a business. If we have the opportunity, we can also have one or two interviews with business owners that have similar business that we desire to have in a future. For those who want to work within an existing firm can talk about the type of firms they would want to work in and if possible, schedule an interview with a current employee that works in that specific firm/company and discuss with them their daily duties. My overall final proposal is basically to expand and do more research on what it will be once working in the architect field. This way we all have the opportunity to write either a paper or make a presentation based on our own desires and what we find important for our future as architects.

Proposal for Final Project

My project proposal is to research the steps for getting into real estate development and the components that this career entails. As a real estate property developer, I would like to buy land or already existing homes and build/renovate them to later sell them for a profit. There’s certain things I want to include in my final project which I outline below:

1- What is real estate property development?

This section would clearly define real estate property development and a general overview of what this career entails. This section would also include the kind of work environment and day to day schedules/tasks of real estate developers.

2- How to get into property development?

This section encompasses the bulk of the project. I would research and include the steps someone has to take in school and other requirements such as getting licensure to become a real estate developer. This section would also analyze the financial components that is required for this career. Other important factors are the process of getting land or an existing home, the process of construction, the process of selling and getting a profit, and everything else that is needed. Lastly, I would explore the relationships and work collaborations that a real estate developer needs to have with others such as a bank, construction companies, real estate agents, architects/designers, etc.

3- Stats

This section would focus on statistics on real estate developments such as most profitable cities for this career, job growth, medium income, and other important statistics.

4- Example

This section would focus on one or two real estate development companies that closely resemble the work I want to do. I would research and give an overview of their business such as what kind of work they do, their price and profits rates, and essential information that would be beneficial to know about their company.

I believe that with his project proposal I can create a well rounded project that helps me learn about the future career I would like to have.

Ashley Herasme

My Dream Job

Always since I was very young, I liked to sketch and draw. I used to draw all the time, I used to draw the cartoons. I copied from a cousin of mine who I used to see and was very good at it. I used to try to be as good as him. At the beginning I was not so good at it, until one day I tried to draw my mother and noticed it was a lot better than what I expected, so I noticed I was improving as I kept practicing. So I kept practicing until I became very good at it. After works some people used to tell why not becoming an architect. So I gave it a try, and ended up enrolling in the New York College of Technology in the Architectural Technology program.

After enrolling in the Architectural Technology program I noticed that knowing how to draw have helped me a lot in architecture, as well as being enrolled in the program have also helped me to improve my drawing skills. I have enjoyed the program a lot and think that being an architect would be very fun. I have learned a lot about the 2D and 3D software, which in my opinion is kind of bringing drawing into another level especially 3D designing.

I think my dream job would be to be an architect, more specifically a 3D designer. I found I would like this since the beginning of the architectural program, but even more after one time I met a real estate agent who after conversing and tell her that I am an architect student, paid me to design the drawings and renders for a house her company was planning to renovate. I enjoyed the job and think that even it could had gone better, it did not go so bad to be my first actual paid job. Now I am interested in finishing my bachelor degree, remain improving my skills and get a job in the field, even though most people do not get exactly what they are looking for, I wish some day I get a position related to 3D designing. Also, I am interested in the real estate developing, as my mother is in that field, and I will also like to stay in the family business, however it is always good to dream a little bit.

My Dream Jobs

   As a student studying architecture my dream job would consist of various options, because in life you should always have a back-up plan. That being said, my first dream job (Plan A) would consist of having my own business that would generate passive income. Since I would rather spend time with family, I also do not enjoy long restless nights.This business could possibly consist of blogging my life via YouTube, streaming games, or just selling products online. Hopefully all three will be successful in the upcoming future.

   My second job also known as plan B would consist of design work that correlates between making buildings, and renderings for game Industries. Not only will it be a fun experience, it is something that I wouldn’t mind doing full time. Although this could also include the making of renderings for companies, or  other clients seeking help in this field. I wouldn’t mind being a tutor for those who are seeking knowledge, or experience in general.

   Plan C would definitely include rescuing animals in need, and finding them a home or even a shelter by aiding to encourage their longevity, and overall happiness. This plan could also include repopulating hard hit places with vegetation, animal life, and an efficient plan to ensure it never happens again. Plan D would be drafting houses then building them up, and charging for rent. If that doesn’t work I might move towards flipping houses that are used. Thus by doing so I still get the desire of a semi – passive income as well as a lesser stressed environment potentially.

    My final job if everything else fails would be on-site analysis such as surveying the land, testing soil to widen my knowledge, or construction project manager which is basically ensuring that everything goes perfect within the job site. That could include specifications, such as drawings, details, elevations (typical site drawings) which states dimensions also known as a rule brick for construction workers to follow. It is a vital part of constructing a building correctly, and overseeing to ensure that everything matches, tweaking what needs to be fixed or expanded, removed, etc. Which also means that for the most part it is an important job for a keen eye, and an adaptable person (Plan E).

   As a conclusion, yes I have a lot of things I am interested in, covering multiple fields that are diverse in nature. I don’t like to sell myself short so instead of striving for one goal, I would find it best to strive for all. With multiple options to choose from, the chances of succeeding in one of these fields becomes more favorable. That being said, I have learned to do whatever my heart desires, if you are planning to become a millionaire then make steps, plans, fruition, and follow them wholeheartedly. If you don’t succeed it will still be an accomplishment, because you have moved one step closer to your goal, or gained great knowledge to do something else you may desire. For me that is all that matters, and if I work hard enough, and put my goals out there my dream job will come to life sooner or later.

– Jernel W.


My dream job
…I wake up in the morning with a stunning view, I make a cup of aroma coffee and breakfast and go up to my bright and cozy working studio with huge floor-to-ceiling windows and a charming view of nature outside the window. I sit down to work with great pleasure and inspiration, because this is what I love so much – being an architect, love to invent, design and create new unique buildings, develop details, make decisions, and solve problems for both residential and commercial projects, but mostly big projects for the cities. And of course, interior design will be an integral part of every project.
Having the best team of assistants in my city office whom I can always rely on, I know that the work will be done at the highest level. I periodically go to meetings with assistants and meet clients.
Having a flexible and at the same time busy schedule, allows me to always be close to my family and be in my favorite cozy nest.
Working from my fully equipped and organized studio at home will give me opportunities to be alone and think, be inspired, gain energy and new ideas. Because I like to be alone with my thoughts sometimes.
This would be my dream job – to have a successful company that offers and creates unique, effective and beautiful spaces, buildings and designs. Do what I love in my favorite place and get paid well and hopefully become famous one day, like Zaha Hadid.
OK, now back in reality, I understand that there is a lot of work behind this, and a lot of experience in different areas needs to be gained, but I know it is still possible. To work towards my dream job, firstly, I want to get a master’s degree in architecture and move forward to get a license. At the same time, I want to gain as much experience in some large international famous companies. In that company I want to participate in the process of creating a design, design strategy and concept, taking into account all the details, learn to think like a professional. I have always loved to solve strategic and logical problems. Also have a role in interior design and choice of colors, finishes, materials, furniture and decor.
For a long time, I could not understand and decide what I wanted to do for a living. Growing up I never thought I wanted to be an architect, as soon as I entered a graphic design major, I knew right away that I like it a lot. Farther more I began developing my skills and a new world of design opened up for me and I fell in love. Over time, I realized that I was very much interested in architecture and interior design. I started working in those fields and get more sense of each part. Now I cannot imagine my life without these elements. I know for sure this is truly my passion and love – architecture and design!

Dream Career

When talking about my dream career I can say that I am not really sure about it. I just know that I want to start a business. The reason behind my idea of creating a business is because I worked many jobs and they have not been the best work environment. If I actually create this business it would allow me to give people jobs who really need one without discrimation. I mainly want to focus on helping teenagers in the process of starting college.

The most important part for me in a job would be the work environment and also having family time. I want to be able to be my own boss but also be the best boss ever. I have always worked weekends which really sucks because that is the only time my parents are home. I would like to have a work environment that allows people to express their ideas and creativity. With first-hand experience I know working full time or even part-time can be draining and leaving no time to create ideas and projects.

My Dream Job – Avery Ferguson

Initially when I started to think about what I wanted to do with my life, to things came to my mind. Job stability & comfortability. As people, we’ll always need buildings and structures. This causes there always to be a need for people in the architectural and construction field. Secondly, growing up as a child, many of the adults that I looked up to were working in the construction field.

For myself, I’ve as of recently I’ve been leaning more towards construction. After I get my bachelor’s degree in architecture, I would like to get my master’s in Construction Management. Currently I don’t know exactly what my dream job is specifically. With the right direction, I will find the perfect job the suit my needs.