Case Study #1 – Ibukunoluwa Atolagbe

The client’s intent for space according to what the client said is Efficiency. My approach to this design problem would be to layout the efficiency of a big box store for retail purposes and office space for office work. I will explain to the client why these spaces are efficient for individual projects. If the clients still insist on this design, I will propose other alternate changes to the design to make it more suitable for the programs and the users. I would also ask for the number of employees that are to be using the space at a time. What other programs the clients Intend to use the space for. I would bring up this issue in the Design development process. After I have laid down the schematics and shown the client the disadvantages of his proposal. If not for any other reason, The client should be willing to change their mind due to the inefficiency of the workplace for office work. If the employees are not allowed sunlight or nice views to motivate them in completing their work. Also, space would affect their mental health. A company whose employees are suffering would suffer in the long run.

2 thoughts on “Case Study #1 – Ibukunoluwa Atolagbe”

  1. Hello Ibukun,

    Proposing alternatives is the best an architect can do in this situation. Clients do not necessarily know about efficient alternatives which can also work perfectly, and it is the duty of an architect to propose these alternatives to the client. I also loved how you mentioned the growth of the company on a long run and the effect of the small working space on it. It’s very important that the client is aware of these issues and makes decisions accordingly.

  2. Hey Ibuku, I totally agree with you i believe is important as an architect to give different options and ideas to our clients since we have a better understanding on what is essential when building any structure. I would also give different ideas to change the clients way of thinking.

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