Welcome to ARCH 4861 Professional Practice

We spend a majority of our lives working. This week’s assignment is a reflection on what would be your  dream career. What values are important to you- high salary, benefits, work environment, family time, advancement, etc? Please post it in “dream career”, categorize and tag it properly and comment on others’ postings.

Assignment 2 Proposal for final project                                                                                                                                  DUE Tuesday September 15; comments by Wednesday September 16

Architecture and the building industry compresses many different disciplines and activities. An education is architecture can lead to a variety of dream jobs/ careers. In your last essay you discussed your dreams. Now take the time to explore, research, analyze and discuss all the permutations of your future. Write some sentences outlining your topic, how will you explore it, what do you need to know, what preparation is needed. Read the proposals of other students. Comment. Would you like to work together with other students. Ideally we will organize in small groups of 4. A final arrangement and discussion will happen in class. Email me if you have questions. Check Blackboard for further suggestions, reading list and examples of student work.