Final Project Proposal- Angelica Morales Juarez

Being a young Latina woman who has entered into the world of architecture. This work field is mostly male nominated, and I want to change that. I want to create an environment/program/business where female architects wont have to face discrimination or sexism.That being said, every gender is welcomed, but it will provide support to those who are looked down to. It is all about supporting one another. Being a young adult, especially a freshly graduate from college, some firms underestimate your knowledge in architecture. Firms preferred someone with more experienced and its not fair.

  • do women make better architects?
  • what percentage of architects are females?
  • Does it brand architecture by giving it a gender?
  •  what can women do to keep the focus on their work and not let the media use them as a marketing gimmick?
  • does age defined your level of skills?
  • statistics
  • examples of great female architects

One thought on “Final Project Proposal- Angelica Morales Juarez”

  1. Wow Angelica you have my vote with two hands raised. We don’t discuss this isue in the department or not enough. Prof Vaidya tells me women in the department are reluctant to discuss discrimination; they want to be seen as architects. I feel differently -if we don’t talk about it, discrimination remains.

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