Digital New York

Digital New York

New York City is a well-known city all over the world, the Big Apple, the city of skyscrapers, the city that never sleeps, our concrete jungle. Its said that if you come to new York and you make it in life, in this fast paced life style you can make it anywhere. How right this is. If it wasn’t for that competitive, always wanting to be ahead of everyone attitude maybe New York would not have been the way it is now. To find that original life style New York has gone through different ways of designing buildings. I found a video that shows manhattan pictures in the 1900s, I also found a video that shows the transition of New York past and present. Hope you all enjoy.

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New York City : In The Good Old Days 1900 -1940 (pictures)


New York transition: Movie Clip


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  1. Susan Mani says:

    I have seen this movie a while ago, actually I was really feel sad when the buildings were under the fire and people didn’t let the firefighters stop the fire. I feel bad for the last part which the war begins and destroys many historical buildings.

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