National Memorial, Federal Hall

My dream was to always visit Washington D.C. I always wanted to visit the white house. The style of the white house simply amazed me I’m intrigued by the color white and the beautiful colossal columns. Any building that has those beautiful columns never fails to capture my attention or even have me look in awe.

On our various walking tours I’ve seen many buildings but my favorite one was the National memorial Federal Hall. Not only was it the closest thing I would ever get to the white house but it was also beautiful. The white color, the texture of the columns, and even the columns themselves. When I was standing in front of that building I felt like I was apart of the history. In that very place many years ago George Washington took the Oath of office. I was standing where our first president once stood.

At first I didnt know that I was able to go inside but I found out that I was and I went inside. I was already in love with the outside but I fell in love with the inside even more. The artifacts that are inside were amazing. Everything was preserved and there for me to see including the declaration of Independence.

Some people like buildings because they are pretty or look nice but for me this building was a time machine into history. It’s a historical building with an interesting history. I was able to be in a place that back in the 1700s was the most important place in America and for that alone this was defiantly my favorite building.  My favorite part about it is that it doesn’t fit in with the modern buildings of New York. You don’t see alot of buildings with that certain style still standing today. As much as it doesn’t belong in a city full of sky scrapers in a weird way its location is perfect and it blends into the big city in its own unique way.

This photograph shows the wall street bombing in 1920 and in the background is the Federal Hall memorial.     

This photograph is taken inside the Memorial, the amount of detailing in the ceiling and columns is really breath taking. It is absolutely beautiful


The current National Memorial

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