Starting from the mid twentieth century to present day New York City has been introduced to early modernist counterparts. Modernism turned its back to the styles that existed up until its day. Modernism then and today is not considered historical.

One of the building’s associated with modernism is the Solomon Guggenheim Museum, built from 1942 to 1959, architect Frank Lloyd Wright. The Solomon Guggenheim Museum is one of the most significant architectural icons of the 20th century. Modern buildings emphasize on their efficiency and functionality.
While researching I found a helpful link that can answer almost any question on the Guggenheim Museum. It even explains the architects motives on why he wanted the building built in such a way.

According to the video, “Frank Lloyd Wright Solomon Guggenheim Museum New York 1942-1959,” Frank Lloyd Wright meant to leave an unforgettable mark as one of his last designs. Frank Lloyd Wright was always interested in geometrical works, and this museum emphasizes the geometry he wanted to use. The spirals emphasized on their function by using them as ramps to go up and down the building.

The building itself had trouble in construction due to World War II and the decline in economy. Another problem was that a lot of work needed to be done to figure put how a spiral building can be built.

I found all the information in this video interesting because not only does it explain the coming of the Guggenheim Museum in NYC, but it actually describes how modernism is characterized as. Watching this video helps visualize what modernism is and how it breaks from the traditional styles that once existed. The Solomon Guggenheim Museum is one of the most important examples of modernism. To better understand the style I suggest for every one to watch it because it is about eight minutes long and describes a whole lot of information.


Solomon Guggenheim Museum F.L.Wright

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